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~ I am not offering classes at this time.  ~

“If you can breathe, you can do yoga”  ~ Krishnamacharya

  Yoga is for everyone! Classes are open to all ages, shapes and sizes, the athletic and not so athletic, the flexible and the not so very flexible. Postures can be modified to meet individual needs.
  To do yoga, all that you need is a desire to look after your own health and well-being, an open, non-judgemental mind, and a sense of adventure. Yoga can bring you on a journey, harmonizing the body, breath, and mind.

class descriptions:

Gentle Yoga / Unwind Your Week: A gentle, restful, meditative class for all levels from beginners to the more experienced. Let go of your busy week, respect your body and gently coax your muscles to relax, stretch, and strengthen while focusing inward via the breath. Yoga blocks, blankets, and straps will be used to maintain safe alignment and to foster ease. See class schedule below.

what you need to know before coming to class:
  Yoga is all about you! It’s not a competition with others.
  Wear non-restrictive comfortable clothing and leave your shoes at the door. Also, you will be more comfortable if your stomach isn’t too full.
  I recommend that you bring your own yoga mat, but if you don’t yet have a yoga mat; no worries! I have extras you can use  during class.
  Please arrive a little early to settle-in before class begins. I will do my best to end class on time, although I must confess, sometimes I run a little overtime.

I am not offering classes at this time.




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